This is healing in its purest form. It's self-empowerment.

Absolutely! Self-empowerment and emotional balance are some of the most important aspects of healing. With self-empowerment, we can learn to be in control of our own lives and make positive changes that lead to improved emotional balance. By creating and maintaining a healthy emotional balance, we can better manage our reactions to life's challenges and focus on growth and healing. 

Regina Mott


Doctor of Metaphysical Science 

Certified Parapsychologist 

Ordained Minister


Sylvia Brown’s church

Society of Novus Spiritus

Nag Hammadi  

Dead Sea Scrolls 

Native American Spiritual Beliefs

Laws of the Universe 

Religion: Gnostic Christian

Raising your vibration is a great way to improve your life experiences and personal growth. By taking the time to tune into yourself and your feelings, you can become more aware of your needs and how you want to be in the world. To raise your vibration, try taking some time to relax and focus on positive thoughts and activities. Connecting with nature, meditating, journaling, and exercising are all great ways to raise your vibration. You can also practice self-care and gratitude which will help you feel good about yourself in any situation. Remember that you are worthy and capable of creating a life that feels good.