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Zoom - The Fall Chakra Group Energy Clearing with tones & vibrations, guided meditation performed by Regina. Tips for Fall energy.

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Visualization for Planetary Healing

Regina's Realm

I believe most spiritual healers, are not sure what to do at a time like this, why not do what we’re trained to do? Send out healing energy together. I’m asking all spiritual believing people to hold space for all the people suffering from the Virus this week. Starting Monday at 7:00 Am until 7:15 Am and again at 7:00 PM until 7:15 Pm. Please join me from wherever you are in the world to take 15 mins, twice a day to meditate on sending healing energy to the people who are expected to exist in the next two weeks. You can chant, sing, play instruments, whatever you do to send out healing energy to every hospital, virus patent, patients family’s, doctors, nurses, Together we can share our high vibration for each other with long-distance healing sessions. Let us share some good energy with the world.

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