Stop trying to control everything around you and go with the flow: An Interactive Healing Event to Help You through your journey. 

Do you believe in evolving into the best version of yourself throughout your life? Are you done with playing out the same old patterns despite all you’ve learned? Maybe it's time to move into a new existence of, understanding, ability, vision, and bliss? Then please join Spiritual Teacher Regina Mott Live. 

During this live virtual gathering, Regina will teach you to amplify the depth of healing each of us intend for ourselves, our loved ones, and humanity as a whole. 

Regina will share information on different topics with an extra twist on ways to apply the laws OF THE UNIVERSE to access the answer to EVERY QUESTION you will ever have! As you learn to connect to positive energy, you will certainly ease the feelings of being left out, misunderstood, overwhelmed, heartbroken, even ease the pain of grief and guiding you to attract more abundance, better relationships, improved health, along with greater clarity. By using some of the processes, and tapping into the wisdom of collective consciousness via Abraham Hicks - you will gain the knowledge to move forward with any problem and instantly feel better about your current situation. 

Regina intends to meet you exactly where you are, during this special online event, she will explore with you how to stop trying to control everything around you and go with the flow. In this online event, you will learn to let the rules you've made for yourself go. Regina will share information about choices to help in your everyday life. This event will give you the tools to change your situation, with your powerful thoughts and clear focus. Assisting you with an understanding that it's okay that things change. What worked yesterday, last year, whatever, may not be helpful at this moment. Regina will also demystify various myths around the healing and awakening journey to help you reclaim your power, unravel fear-based concepts, and alter emotional wounds. 

By attending this event, you will: 

-Realize why you've decided to control this or that in the first place. 

-Learn why controlling behavior is fruitless and stressful. Your actions are better spent elsewhere. 

-See-through the biggest myths that keep you stuck in the despair of seeking and suffering. 

- Find out how to only concern yourself with stuff that actually affects you. 

A zoom link will be sent to you after you have booked your virtual seat. 


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